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Lips Satan is my sugar daddy shirt

I’d have to show unconditional positive regard and empathy. I have to commit myself to Ken’s well-being and progress. At least Ken was remorseful, they told me. He’d made progress through a prison program, even though he was kept out of general population for his own safety. Obama actually nominated a candidate, Merrick Garland. Republicans […]

Flamingo some girl go camping and drink too much it’s me I’m some girl shirt

As far as abortions being allowed even after a baby is born and if it’s not a perfect baby. Who and what are we becoming? I’m disgusted and saddened! I’m so thankful this woman is willing, to tell the truth, and risk her career and reputation!! I’ve had a gut feeling this was happening but […]

4th of July Barack Oblah vintage shirt

Same rules apply if it’s for if it’s the family business. If the purpose is to support the family business, when the business goes bust, or someone wants to do something else, that may spell the end of the relationship, whether practically or spiritually (say if you stay together but are seperated emotionally and physically). […]