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The hypnotherapist didn’t know this was a sarcastically asked question. And he wasn’t surprised by the answer. It’s not a religious question or a religious answer. (People who talk about God are often parsed into “believers and non believers.”) My point in answering this question is that there is another paradigm or “middle way” to this answer. And that is that God is not a person. That God is more of an energy or a nexus of consciousness – that we all share and are all connected by. People under deep hypnosis claim that we bring about a third of our conscious energy to any lifetime (and the other two thirds is “back home” – their term for the afterlife). They claim that people can and sometimes do “experience being with the source or God” – they see a physical embodiment of something, often a light, sometimes a woman or man – but that “manifestation” appears dependent upon how they preceive objects or people. Which for all intents and purposes, could be called God. So God is something we all share, because we all share a connection to conscious energy. I think that’s what people are referring to (even if not aware how that functions.)

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