If I can’t obsess over things I can’t control who will shirt

If you take a look at the If I can’t obsess over things I can’t control who will shirt and I will buy this most popular shirts or best selling t shirts that are out right now or in the past they all share a concept of simple design. I would say to take a look at what stores are selling / Advertising graphic tees and take a look at the designs and you will find that they are pretty simple design ideas. 1 or 2 colors at the most and images or graphics that are easy for the human eye to pick up and tell right away what the image or message is. Some factors that make a good t-shirt design are: whether the design is unique, whether it is eye-catching, whether it is appropriate for the target audience, and whether it is simple enough that it can be easily printed on a t-shirt.

If I can't obsess over things I can't control who will s hoodie

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