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When Baldwin used the New York Islanders the Kaapo shirt besides I will buy this weapon it turned out to be a hot gun. Halyna Hutchins was primary on a camera close into the weapon was killed. The Director Joel Souza was wounded. This could have been because of flash, a broken element of a hot gun, or live ammo that was out of specs being shot in a close shoot. Simulated firearms on a movie set are complicated devices. They are not just firearms that fire blanks. Some of them are solid rubber. Some of them fire blanks and are simply regular firearms. Some of them cycle their actions with gas, some of them activate squibs, use gas cylinders, the list goes on. A group of people in the safety chain prepare a weapon for a scene. Those weapons are laid out and tagged. You use weapon X for scene 1, and so forth. Each weapon does what it is supposed to do, how it is supposed to do it, and actors do not mess with the weapon until it is time to use it.

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