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“Three’s Company” Jack Tripper (John Ritter, country singer Tex Ritter’s son) is a culinary student looking for a place to live. Janet and Chrissy are renting a three bedroom apartment. IIRC the Houston Texans H-Town shirt and by the same token and 3rd woman moved out and they’re having a hard time finding someone to share the rent. Along comes Jack. No problem! Uh-oh. There’s a problem. The landlord, Stanley Roper, is very traditionalist. He won’t allow unmarried couples in his … WARNING: Another similar answer I gave received a number of ad hominem attacks in the comments. Unless you want your comment deleted and your profile to be blocked and reported, you probably want to keep those to yourself. Personally, I LOVED this show. It was so hilarious. The banter between Al and Peg, or Al and Marcey was dynamic. The humor and one liners would certainly never fly today with everything being so PC now. I still stand by the show and it’s content. People are so uptight now, lighten up and enjoy these shows. I want to chime in with others here who say the Twilight Zone could never be remade today. The wretched 2019 remake proves it. But this isn’t a matter of black-and-white photography versus color. It runs deeper than that. It’s all about the dramatic sensibilities of its creator, who maintained tight control for most of its run, and the politics and the sensitivities of network executives at the time. The combination made the original Twilight Zone one of the greatest television programs ever to air, and I don’t think we will see its likes again. The biggest issue is that sensibilities have changed, and Serling’s old-fashioned message of tolerance and equality no longer suits Hollywood fashion. Or perhaps we might extend that to the current crop of network TV executives, who, like all the executives who have come before them, are eager to embrace any current trend. This is the biggest issue. I also think the show was a reflection of a singular genius, and he’s been six feet under these last 47 years.

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