Official Stork cake T-deb on the bayou Christmas shirt, sweater

When I was growing up, my father insisted we have lunch together on Sundays. We all sat around a huge dining room table. The meal began at around 2:30 and we pushed back our chairs and hugged each other goodbye close to 6:00 p.m. Lunch on Sundays was often a drag – we all had places to be and other people we wanted to spend time with. We argued a lot. My father insisted on “elevating the Stork cake T-deb on the bayou Christmas shirt, sweater in contrast I will get this conversation” which meant we were not allowed to gossip or say petty things about the people we had in common. Also, he did not allow side conversations – where one of us whispered to the person sitting next to us. It all had to be a single exchange, where everyone was listening, engaged and participating. It was regulated too you are really quiet today. What have you been up to?” or “OK, Dushka. Let others weigh in on that. We’ve already heard a lot from you. We talked about the book we were reading, how we were doing in school (and later, at work), or whatever we thought was unfair. We whined. At least once a month someone threw down a napkin and left the table in a display of indignation. The hours spent in that dining room were the only time I got to know this assortment of characters I call “family”. It was the only time I heard what they had going on, what mattered to them, or what they were irritated about. It was the time when I got to meet the people who were important to them, as we all often showed up with a friend or a significant other. Using his power and cunning he was able to secure the throne so that his sons inherited the kingdom. Then his grandson. Then his great-grandson. And so on and so forth, though not necessarily in a straight line. William’s direct descendants used their power and cunning to maintain that line. Sometimes, though, the cunning was missing, and luck came into it. There were uprisings and rebellions by non-family members and more than once, serendipity stepped in. Take King John, for example. John, William’s great-great-grandson was a horrible king. Even after being forced into Magna Carta, he managed to push all the wrong buttons. What saved his and his descendant’s claim on the throne? He got sick and died. The Barons basically went, “oh, well, that’s over. Let’s crown little Henry.” (not the vacuum cleaner)

Stork cake T-deb on the bayou Christmas shirt, sweater hoodie

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