Stonehouse that’s our F punter dipshit Nashville Tennessee shirt

For me it is the Stonehouse that’s our F punter dipshit Nashville Tennessee shirt it is in the first place but Uniqlo AIRism Black T-shirt, its super light, fits great and has this anti-odor, sweat technology. Great for being in the house, doing exercise (I use it as a base layer for cycling) and good under a jacket or sweater for a casual day… plus my wife loves the “feel” of it! My husband had 117 white dress shirts. He worked for the same company for 47 years. The dress code was a two or three piece suit, tie, and white shirt. He’s retired now. After 35 years, the company loosened up—- he could wear a pastel dress shirt on Fridays. We took 76 shirts and 34 suits out of 38 to the Florida Sheriff’s Boys Ranch. Anyone who thinks this is a lot of suits and shirts should have my dry cleaners bills, and my weeks washing. Oh yes, we raised 3 children also. He swore he’d never wear a suit or white shirt after he retired. We decided to keep four shirts for Weddings and Funerals. I think he’s worn a suit 5 times in 9 years ( 3 funerals, 2 weddings).

Stonehouse that's our F punter dipshit Nashville Tennessee s hoodie

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