Watt Highsmith ’24 highsmith meet yinz at the quarterback shirt

Baseball T-shirts with a contrast raglan colourful sleeve – emphasises a strong shoulder. A cable knit chunky sweater in navy or neutral cream, with a white T-shirt and dark jeans. Long johns: got to be clean, got to be cream and got to be lean – no paunches, please. – V-neck sweaters – runs the Watt Highsmith ’24 highsmith meet yinz at the quarterback shirt Besides,I will do this risk of stray chest hair peeping over the top. Also, cheap shoes with a pointed toe. – A man should never, ever wear Ugg boots. I love my Ugg boots, I live in my Ugg boots, they are life-changing. But a man shouldn’t do it. It is not cool. Ugg boots worn with confidence? Now that’s a difficult conundrum. – Tattoos – with the occasional exception. Most people are lacking in culture and choose images that don’t mean anything. Also, a man shouldn’t wear his shirt over his trousers. Every now and again it works. But mostly they end up looking like babies.I like a man who’s not afraid to play with fashion. When it’s too polished, it’s distracting. Apart from that, there are no rules, it’s about knowing who you are and going for it. A good scent is the perfect to-die-for touch. + It’s a simple formula: a perfectly cut jacket, a crisp shirt, a great cashmere sweater, chinos. A great pair of sneakers or shoes by John Lobb. – Tuck fitted shirts in nice and tight – the last thing you want is anything looking too blousy. And a man should never wear shorts in the city. – As long as it’s a true extension of their personality, men should just go for it. They can look good in pretty much anything, even dresses. Maybe not knee socks.

Watt Highsmith '24 highsmith meet yinz at the quarterback s hoodie

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