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Fortunately, there is a better way. Whether you’re struggling to organize and manage work across multiple projects or ensuring your team has a manageable workload, Asana When your team has a central source of truth, you can move from thinking one project at a time to looking at the Willis capital shirt But I will love this entire system in which you operate. With a bird’s-eye view of everything going on—and how your work connects to broader initiatives—your team can become more effective and less stressed. Rather than wondering who is working on what, searching for a project plan through email, or trying to remember how your team executed the last project, Asana keeps everything organized for you. With a single source of truth, you and your team can create solid work plans knowing that you can hold each other accountable—and accomplish more with less stress. It’s hard to get good work done when teams work in silos. Not only is this bad for productivity, but it’s also bad for motivation and collaboration. Research shows that when employees have clarity on how their individual work adds value to their organization, they’re 2X more likely

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